Principle Business Enterprise Marks Safety Milestone

Incontinence product maker maintains operations for more than 2 million consecutive hours and longer than three years worked without an OSHA Lost-Time Accident.

Incontinence product manufacturer Principle Business Enterprises Inc. (PBE) achieved more than three years and over 2 million consecutive hours worked without an OSHA Lost-Time Accident as of Feb. 28, 2022.

“Our goal remains zero injuries every day,” PBE Safety Supervisor David Kisor said. “We continually raise the bar for safety standards across the organization to ensure our Associates return home safe to their loved ones.”

PBE credits this safety milestone to innovations in three focus areas that fostered a culture of safety and lowered incident rates.

  • On-site safety committees changed how they approach solutions to injuries by applying learnings and best practices across the organization.
  • A monthly safety audit program with a multi-disciplinary team of safety professionals, maintenance, facilities and production associates collaborate with manufacturing lines to identify and eliminate unsafe conditions and actions.
  • Safety Improvement Cards (SIC) let associates report potential safety hazards or opportunities for safety improvements within their work areas. Since the program’s inception in September 2019, PBE’s safety team has fielded 1,148 SIC entries, resulting in the implementation of nearly 900 new protocols or corrective actions to date.

The company also enhanced safety training for new hires; partnered with the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio to provide a 20-hour intensive training certification for production supervisors through the SAF Frontline program; and developed a rigorous COVID-19 risk-aversion program that involved expanding its facilities team and vendor partnerships to maintain a clean and safe work environment.

“We continue to achieve our safety goals in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, labor and raw material shortages,” says Andrew Stocking, CEO and President of PBE. “I’m proud of our Associates and partners for their resilience and commitment to making PBE a safe place to work.”


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