Kazynski Retires From VGM

A part of Van G. Miller’s original leadership team, Kazynski grew VGM HOMELINK to more than 550 employees.

Dave Kazynski had retired from VGM Group Inc. after 30 years in leadership roles with the company.

Kazynski served as president of VGM HOMELINK from its inception in 1993 until March 2021. Since that time, he has overseen a structured transition in leadership, with Matt Waller ascending to the role of HOMELINK president. In the past year, Kazynski also oversaw VGM Forbin, Strategic Imaging, corporate IT, and other VGM investment initiatives.

Part of founder Van G. Miller’s original leadership team, Kazynski built HOMELINK— from just an idea to give medical equipment providers access to closed insurance networks—into a VGM business unit employing more than 550 people. Today, HOMELINK provides a healthcare network and coordination of care for more than 30 million covered lives served by 100,000 healthcare providers and is part of 1,200 payer networks.

Prior to joining HOMELINK in 1993, Kazynski was a financial executive in several hospitals and had worked for Miller at Miller Medical, an HME provider based in Waterloo, Iowa.

“Under Kazynski’s leadership, HOMELINK grew by focusing on helping injured workers get the healthcare equipment and services they need to get healthy and return to work,” a statement from VGM read. “His leadership was characterized by his vision and ability to find pragmatic solutions that met the varying needs of patients, referral sources, payers, and healthcare providers. His influence within the company leaves a legacy of people he mentored and coached throughout the years. One look at VGM’s wall of award winners shows more faces from HOMELINK than any other VGM division.

“VGM is what it is today thanks in no small part to Dave Kazynski,” the statement continued. “We thank him for his decades of service and congratulate him on his retirement.”

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