Respiratory Care’s Evolving Challenges During Covid

The Clinical Care Team serving respiratory patients has faced a roller coaster of changes during Covid-19. What’s the latest, and where is care headed?

Covid-19 has forced considerable changes for home oxygen care. How has the situation evolved for oxygen and respiratory providers and the clinical care team as a whole?

In the latest episode of the HME Business Podcast, John Medina, RRT, director of sales at CAIRE Inc., and David Lyman RRT, RRT-SDS, vice president of VGM Respiratory, explore topics such as the impact of new variants, telehealth, frequency of RT check-ins, and the pandemic’s impact on other home oxygen patients.

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In the previous episode of the HMEB Podcast, audit expert Wayne van Halem, president and founder of the audit consulting firm The van Halem Group, Halem outlines audit programs that will hit HME providers in 2022, and discusses the sorts of things providers will learn from a free Feb. 9 webinar (now available as an archive) to help them deal with those programs.

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