AAHomecare Shares Fee Schedule Analysis

The association has analyzed the top 25 items in the 2022 DMEPOS fee schedule, which saw a larger than usual increase due to gains in the Consumer Price Index.

CMS has published the 2022 Medicare DMEPOS fee schedule, which was based on the fee schedule adjustments that were announced earlier this month, and the American Association for Homecare has provided analysis of the schedule.

Readers might recall that CMS had announced that the fee schedule had increased 5 percent, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers (CPI-U).

AAHomecare analyzed the top 25 DME items and found the following average rate increases for CY 2022 compared to rates currently in place:

  • Competitive bidding items in former CBAs went up 5 percent
  • Competitive bidding items in rural areas grew 4.9 percent
  • Competitive bidding items in non-rural areas rose 5.1 percent

The CY 2022 CPI-U increase is applied to the current public health emergency (PHE) relief rates of 75/25 blended rates in non-rural areas and 50/50 blended rates in rural areas. Also, the 2022 DME rates also reflect the removal of the oxygen budget neutrality offset that was implemented in April 2021, AAHomecare noted.

Download AAHomecare’s top 25 HCPCS codes analysis (Excel spreadsheets) at these links:

CY 2022 Top 25 DME Items Former CBA Fee Schedule Analysis 
CY 2022 Top 25 DME Items Rural and Non-Rural Fee Schedule Analysis 

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