Telehealth Staffing of Respiratory Therapists

As providers seek to consider new staffing and outsourcing solutions, rtNOW has stepped up to offer RTs that can help sleep and home ventilator providers more flexibly manage their businesses.

Staffing solutions are becoming an increasingly important part of how HME providers run their business. They let providers “accordion” their businesses —expand and contract their staffs based on need — so they can address new and changing referral partner and patient needs, as well as satisfy new market opportunities.

In the latest episode of the HME Business Podcast, Chuck Stadler Jr, the president and CEO of rtNOW joins the podcast to discuss how his business helps sleep and ventilator providers to run more nimble care organizations and businesses by offering the telehealth staffing of respiratory therapists.

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In the previous episode of the HME Business Podcast, founder and CEO of the accreditation organization The Compliance Team Sandra Canally, RN, discusses what goes into effective HME equipment management, why it’s crucial from a business and care perspective, and how providers can optimize their equipment management. 

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