Congressional CRT Letter Notches 77 Lawmakers’ Signatures

House sign-on letter urges CMS to fund seat elevation and standing systems for CRT patients. NCART and ITEM Coalition worked with CRT stakeholders to secure Congressional backers.

A total of 77 Representatives signed their names to a House sign-on letter calling on CMS to fund seat elevation and standing systems for CRT patients.

The letter, which can be downloaded as a PDF, was the result of work by the National Coalition of Assistive & Rehab Technology (NCART) and the Independence Through Enhancement of Medicare and Medicaid (ITEM) Coalition. The organizations worked with Reps. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) and Don Young (R-Alaska), who launched the letter in the House.

The letter attracted bipartisan support (49 Democrats and 28 Republicans), with 14 of its backers sitting on House Committees that oversee the Medicare program. A full list of the signers is available as a PDF.

From that point forward, NCART and ITEM worked helped to help organize and support CRT stakeholders so that they could effectively convince their lawmakers to sign on to the letter.

“We sincerely thank Rep. Langevin, Rep. Young, and their House colleagues who signed on to urge CMS to prioritize the request for needed access to this important CRT,” NCART Executive Director Don Clayback said in a public statement. “ “If your Representative signed on, please be sure and send them a thank you email. We want to keep them engaged as we move forward.

“The work to secure Medicare coverage will continue in collaboration with the ITEM Coalition and other CRT stakeholders,” he added. “This strong show of Congressional support is a very positive step in improving access to these important technologies for people with disabilities.”

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