Tactile Medical Acquires AffloVest

Medical technology business picks up the maker of high-frequency chest wall oscillation systems from parent company International Biophysics Corp.

Tactile Systems Technology Inc., which develops medical devices for treating underserved chronic diseases at home, has acquired the assets of AffloVest from International Biophysics Corp.

The AffloVest is a high-frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) vest that first got attention in 2016 because it gave providers access to one of Medicare’s highest capped rental reimbursement codes while serving patients with a variety of diagnoses.

Quietly running on batteries to deliver truly portable therapy, the AffloVest is designed to treat patients with a variety of diagnoses, including cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS, quadriplegia and other neuromuscular diseases. The diseases might differ, but they all can create secretions in a patient’s airways that inhibit gas exchange in the lungs and negatively impact pulmonary health.

Notably, the AffloVest can also be used for COPD patients with an underlying diagnosis of bronchiectasis, a condition in which the airways that carry air in and out of patients’ lungs grow thicker and scarred, and have difficulty clearing out mucous as a result. This application further expands the device’s therapeutic reach.

“The addition of AffloVest represents an ideal strategic fit for Tactile Medical as it aligns well with our focus of treating patients with underserved chronic conditions in the home,” said Dan Reuvers, president and CEO of Tactile Medical. “We expect to promote AffloVest’s patented, portable design, demonstrated clinical outcomes, and established reimbursement within the durable medical equipment (DME) channel to drive AffloVest to contribute to our overall company goal of 20 percent-plus revenue growth going forward.”

Reuvers added that there is some solid synergy between both organizations.

“Importantly, multiple members of our management team have significant experience in this category, which gives us confidence in our ability to execute our commercial strategy for AffloVest,” he noted. “We look forward to welcoming the AffloVest sales team to Tactile Medical and intend to maintain their strategy of partnering with DME companies to promote the proven therapy. The sales representatives at these DME companies are uniquely positioned to provide valuable access to chronic respiratory providers and patients through their complementary product and service offerings such as oxygen, nebulizers and ventilators.”

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