TeleHealth Clinical Evals Debuts Podcast

The debut episode interviews experts Dr. Scott M. Martin MD, PMR, MS and Maxine Paul about the importance and benefits of adopting telehealth for CRT evaluations.

TeleHealth Clinical Evals has launched a new podcast that discusses the importance of using telehealth for complex rehab technology evaluations and how to implement the technology into the CRT eval process.

In the first episode, well-known industry speaker Ty Bello, president and founder of HME leadership training firm Team@Work, interviews Dr. Scott M. Martin MD, PMR, MS medical director of TeleHealth Clinical Evals, and Maxine Paul, vice president of operations for TeleHealth Clinical Evals.

The discussion touches on the history of Telehealth Clinical Evals, the factors driving telehealth in CRT evals, and the benefits for patients, providers and clinicians.

Listen to the episode on YouTube or here:

In April,  TeleHealth Clinical Evals CEO Bill Paul visited the HMEB Podcast to discuss telehealth for CRT, the technology and tools involved, the problems they solve, and the benefits telehealth brings to patients and providers alike.


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