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BiliTouch Prioritizes Affordability and Portability

Motif Medical’s recently debuted phototherapy blanket comes in at a low price point while aiming to improve therapy and ease of use.

When Motif Medical launched its BiliTouch Phototherapy Blanket in late June, it aimed to emphasize innovative infant care, as well as to lower the price to providers.

Intended for use in the treatment of infants diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia, commonly known as neonatal jaundice, the BiliTouch Phototherapy Blanket is portable, lightweight and battery-powered, ideal for use both in a hospital setting and at home.

So, new parents can continue to hold, feed, and care for their baby while reducing high bilirubin levels at home.

And for HME providers serving maternity patients, Motif’s wholesale price point for the BiliTouch is hard to ignore. Where typical phototherapy blankets cost upwards of $5,000 per unit, wholesale pricing for the BiliTouch begins at $2,999.

“With every product we create, we aim to support mothers on their parenthood journey. This inspired our goal to not only make our phototherapy blanket more affordable for healthcare providers, but to be designed with mom and baby in mind,” says Brandon Fonville, director at Motif Medical.

The resulting blanket provides phototherapy treatment that can be used in a variety of settings, from hospital to home, while fitting seamlessly into a newborn infant’s care, Fonville adds.

So how does the BiliTouch provide portable therapy? An LED light source eliminates the need for fiber optic cables, which eases positioning. A battery-powered option also makes it convenient and ultra-portable, and a temperature sensor and an LCD display the adaptor and battery status, remaining time, and light intensity.

The blanket’s lightweight design also facilitates bonding between parents and infant, and reduces maintenance and offers a longer lifespan, as well.

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