Applied Home Healthcare Equipment Unveils OxySafe2

The newest model of the thermal shut-off device provides two directional protection against oxygen fires caused by patients smoking or being around open flames while receiving oxygen.

Oxygen equipment maker Applied Home Healthcare has released the newest model of their popular thermal shut-off device, OxySafe2.  

The new version of the thermal fuse provides two-directional protection against oxygen fires caused by patients smoking, using candles, stove-top ranges or other open flames while receiving oxygen therapy. It is designed to stop the flow of gas in the event that the downstream cannula or supply tube is ignited.

With OxySafe2, the PVC tube is inclined to extinguish because PVC will not normally burn in the air — offering healthcare providers a cost-effective solution to lower the risk of serious patient injury in a dangerous oxygen fire.

The newly improved device is smaller, lighter, and has a 25 percent longer shelf life than the original OxySafe, according to the company. Flow on the unit remains bidirectional, allowing the unit to be fitted in either direction in the tubing supply. OxySafe2 will also meet VA, ISO and other regulatory requirements.  

“OxySafe has always been an important and reliable device for our providers who want to protect their patients from the dangers of home oxygen fires,” said Jim Christ, general manager of Applied Home Healthcare Equipment. “We are excited to introduce this product line improvement to the OxySafe in order to help in the mitigation of oxygen fires.”

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