Pennsylvania Exempts Breast Pumps From Sales Tax

The new legislation removes sales tax of all retail transactions of breast pumps and related items starting Jan. 1, 2022.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has passed legislative language that exempts breast pumps and related supplies from sales tax after lobbying and advocacy work by the Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers (PAMS).

The exemption from sales tales of all retail transactions of products initiating, supporting, or sustaining breastfeeding, is effective Jan. 1, 2022. The legislative language originates from H.B. 725, legislation that was introduced in March. 

The exemption was originally supposed to go into effect 60 days from passage of the legislation, but the effective date was delayed to mitigate losses. As a result, sales tax should still be applied to sales of breast pumps and related items until the end of December, according to an update from the American Association for Homecare.

"I am thankful that we are able to help provide some relief to our members, as this endeavor was delayed last year due to the impact of the public health emergency,", PAMS Executive Director Mindy Eberhart said. "We appreciate the assistance of our lobbyist, Colleen Kopp from Wodjak & Associates, Rep. Karen Boback and her fellow cosponsors, as well as our members who supported the effort to get the tax code amended."

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