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VGM membersVGM was founded on the premise that personal connections create growth and opportunity. Today, our relationships and entrepreneurial spirit continue to allow us to add services, resources, and programs to help your business operate more efficiently now and in the future. We simplify your everyday, so you can focus on providing the care and service your patients and clients deserve.

We’ve built our member communities so that you can belong to one or more based on your specific business within the markets you serve. Our member communities are complex rehab, orthotics and prosthetics, women’s health, home modifications, and occupational, physical, and speech therapy. We also have programs and services covering respiratory, sleep, wound care, government and advocacy, market data, product fulfillment, retail, audit and compliance, billing and reimbursement, and patient travel and relocation.

Our most successful members take full advantage of the opportunities that are at their fingertips as part of the VGM community. It’s kind of like a gym membership. If you don’t use it, you can’t capitalize on the results you are investing in. From peer-to-peer networking, expert business consulting, educational webinars, and business resource libraries to vendor partner promotions and a vehicle for your voice to be heard in government relations, we’ve got you covered. When you’re part of the VGM family, you are part of something bigger. You are with real people who understand what you do and connect you to custom solutions that help your unique business grow. Membership with one or more communities gives you and your business access to:

Value-Added Network
With Innovative Products and Solutions VGM’s team anticipates future needs of its members and figures out a way to offer that product or service internally or through a vendor partner. From manufacturers to patients, VGM connects those with products or services to those who need them. As a VGM member, you have the opportunity to get great deals on products and services you or your business can use. We are dedicated to connecting you with our wide variety of vendor partners who can offer solutions for all of your business needs.

Expertise to Guide the Way
The experts leading our communities truly care. They maintain professional credentials, so they know where the industry is headed and how to get there.

Growth Opportunities & Leads
In today’s constantly changing environment, we must work smarter. VGM industry leaders know our members’ markets inside and out, including trends, outlook, and opportunities for adjacent business expansion.

Members-Only Portal Access
One of the many benefits of being a VGM member is having exclusive access to resources you need to help your business succeed, including information on our participating vendor partners, events, webinars, peer-to-peer discussion boards, podcasts, forms, documents, exclusive content, and our quarterly playbooks. We are all happy to have/welcome you into what is truly the VGM family.

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This article originally appeared in the Jul/Aug 2021 issue of HME Business.

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