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Simple, Safe, Convenient & Effective Knee Extension Rehabilitation

Kneewell knee extensionKneewell, LLC is a durable medical device design, development, and manufacturing company headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It was established to provide a simple, safe, convenient and effective method for knee extension rehabilitation. The flagship product, Kneewell® is a patented rehab system engineered to augment total knee arthroplasty post-operative care. Our extensive clinical results have demonstrated that use of the Kneewell® significantly accelerates return to function following knee surgery.

The Problem
Knee arthroscopic surgery often leaves patients with knee contractures that are very stubborn to resolve. Many hours of intensive physical therapy often result in only partial results, leaving the patient unable to fully extend their leg. Without complete extension, activities like golf, tennis, or even walking can be painful. The remaining degrees of extension prove resilient to conventional therapies because the soft tissue requires more prolonged stretch than is possible with PT treatment alone.

The Treatment
Using the Kneewell® allows the patient to self-administer extension therapy at home or work, as frequently as required. Regularly stretching the soft tissues has proven to be effective in retaining therapeutic gains resulting in permanent recovery. Because they have access to therapy between sessions, the Kneewell® is an excellent addition to physical therapy to retain and enhance progress achieved in the clinic. The device is easy to use, lightweight and durable, making it easy to adopt for at home use. Using the Kneewell® makes therapy part of patients everyday routine. The patient controls the intensity of the load, minimizing pain and encouraging regular use.

Providers find that patients resolve their contractures more quickly and with reduced use of pain medication. The device helps patients reduce pain, recover more quickly and gain those last several degrees of knee extension. Patients augmenting treatment with the Kneewell® between therapy sessions return to fun, function and their normal daily routines.

The Kneewell® has been registered with the FDA as a Class 1 device and Medicare has issued the reimbursement code E1811. The device may be billed to Medicare as a static progressive stretch knee device used for extension. This code is a capped rental code and therefore the device can be used as long as is necessary, though most patients have complete resolution of their contracture within two to three months. Having this reimbursement available makes the Kneewell® easily attainable for everyone, provides all patients the opportunity to accelerate their therapy and return to normal activities more quickly after knee surgery.

Our Company
Our mission at Kneewell is “to develop and distribute quality rehabilitation products to the orthopedic industry and provide the customers with educational support about their rehabilitation as well as a quality product”. We are committed to ensuring that customers are satisfied with the product as well as the results that the Kneewell® can help them achieve. Our company is committed to producing a quality product that enhances our customers lives.

Kneewell® enables patients with disabilities or advanced age to use the device at home with little or no aid and has proven to be remarkably effective on medium and high-risk patients. The product is endorsed by surgeons, therapists, and patients. Use of the Kneewell can restore full extension to Knee arthroscopic surgery patients. This provides patients freedom of movement and a return to their active lifestyle. The Kneewell®’s lightweight design means patients can easily and safely perform knee therapy at home, and bring it with them wherever they go.

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This article originally appeared in the Jul/Aug 2021 issue of HME Business.

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