VGM’s Gallagher Underscores Need to Meet With Lawmakers

A new VGM video offers guidelines and tips for how HME advocates can make the most of meeting with lawmakers while they are in their home districts for the August recess.

As lawmakers prepare to work in their home districts for the Aug. 2-Sept. 10 Congressional recess, VGM’s Vice President of Government Relations John Gallagher posted a video underscoring the importance of providers meeting with their Representatives and Senators.

Dubbed the August of Action, industry stakeholders are working to either attend an event with their members of Congress or set up meetings with them to ensure they understand HME provider concerns. VGM Government Relations has collected a number of August of Action materials for the effort.

Two top-line items for the effort are protecting Medicare beneficiaries' access to quality services and products and that the reimbursement rates for HME during the COVID-19 public health emergency remain in place after the PHE is over.

If providers are new to meeting with members of Congress, Gallagher suggested starting with a simple introduction.

“You don’t need to get into the weeds, but you do want to talk about what’s impacting you right now,” he said. “Is it a supply chain issue? Is it the [Philips’] recall? Is it the fact that you’re not getting product that you need to give to folks? Reach out and build that rapport.

“If we’re proactive, then we don’t have to be reactive,” Gallagher added.

You can watch the full video at VGM Government Relations page, or below:



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