Sunrise Integrating LUCI Technology

Sunrise’s QUICKIE power wheelchairs will soon sport LUCI’s smart wheelchair system, which uses various technologies to optimize users’ control, safety and security.

Sunrise Medical and LUCI are working to make LUCI’s smart wheelchair technology available starting in September to new users of Sunrise’s QUICKIE power wheelchairs.

LUCI’s technology, which won a 2020 Mobility Management magazine Product Award, combines camera, ultrasonic and radar sensors with data solutions to give power wheelchairs a 360-degree understanding of their surroundings and then help users avoid collisions and dangerous or difficult terrain.

LUCI’s technology also shows users how the chair is performing and provides cloud-based data and alerts via its MyLuci portal. The MyLuci app lets riders view their data and securely share select information with trusted family, friends and caregivers, and can perform tasks such as alerting caregivers of a rider’s location if their chair’s batteries are nearly depleted.

That smart technology makes for a compelling match with highly maneuverable QUICKIE chairs, according to Sunrise.

“From the day LUCI launched, we have been eager to find a way to give our customers access to this industry-leading technology,” said Larry Jackson, president of Sunrise Medical North America. “This partnership formed around the shared values and common goals of Sunrise Medical and LUCI, and we’re excited for the additional safety, security and independence we can now offer to power wheelchair users across the country to truly live without limits.”

The LUCI and Sunrise Medical teams have spent more than a year collaborating to ensure LUCI and QUICKIE work together.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the brilliant team at Sunrise, and I’m really excited to show the wheelchair community all the great work we’ve done,” said Jered Dean, LUCI co-founder and chief technology officer. “Sunrise immediately recognized the value and safety LUCI brings to this market and has been a great partner ever since. Our engineering and innovation teams worked really hard to integrate LUCI and QUICKIE as seamlessly as possible, giving our wheelchair drivers the simplicity and freedom they deserve.”

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