CAIRE Unveils myCAIRE Telehealth Solution

The app connects to CAIRE concentrators via patients’ smart devices, and its launch responds to the increased need and demand for telehealth solutions.

Oxygen equipment maker CAIRE Inc. has launched a new telehealth solution called myCAIRE, which aims to increase the efficiency of administering delivery and improve patient care.

The myCAIRE application connects to CAIRE’s concentrators via the patient’s smart device and facilitates remote data collection through a secure, cloud-based technology in real-time. The medical equipment provider can then easily access the data via from its desktop.

“It was important to us to have a telehealth solution that connected to CAIRE’s premier oxygen concentrators in the portable, transportable and stationary categories — the full spectrum of oxygen care for patients,” said CAIRE President and CEO Earl Lawson. 

This, in turn, gives CAIRE’s provider partners “a holistic approach to serving the complex healthcare needs of oxygen users during activity or when they are at home,” he added.

The myCAIRE application is available through Android, iOS and Surface platforms, and the portal provides customizable views, filtering and search options to view oxygen usage, flow rates, device notifications, equipment location, and requests sent directly from patients to the provider through the app. 

An Increasing Need for Respiratory Providers

The timing of the launch supports the needs of providers who 
administer care to oxygen patients with respiratory conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), but also the growth in the population of users who have been prescribed oxygen as a therapeutic component to their recovery from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. 

The development of telehealth solutions received a giant push during the pandemic, according to global consulting firm McKinsey & Company who estimates the market size up to $250 billion. The firm predicts the shift to these platforms will continue to evolve with step-change improvements that impact a variety of providers, ultimately resulting in better patient care and outcomes.

“We see the use of telehealth as it applies to oxygen therapy equipment to only expand as adoption increases and access opens up,” said Barry Hassett, vice president of Global Marketing for CAIRE. “This remote visibility to patient data allows the provider to engage with those patients who require more frequent touchpoints in their case management through personal contact and educational resources – the end result is improved care for patients.”

Putting a Premium on Ease of Use

The CAIRE team prioritized improvements in functionality and usability per input from medical equipment providers who needed to remotely review data and troubleshoot devices efficiently during a time of increased oxygen demand in the treatment of COVID-19.

“Streamlining oxygen patient management can assist easing up already stretched bandwidth for our providers and their teams,” Hassett explained.

The myCAIRE solution connects wirelessly to the FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator, the Eclipse 5 transportable oxygen concentrator, and the Companion 5 stationary oxygen concentrator. 

Setting up myCAIRE is quick, according to the company, and users will find the free application easy to use with features allowing them to view settings and notifications, share access with a caregiver, request service from their provider, and access the device user manual.

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