Zyter Launches ZyterHome Assist RPM Solution

System helps providers and physicians connect with various devices to monitor and manage at-home patient health conditions.

Digital health company Zyter Inc. has unveiled ZyterHome Assist, a complimentary, optional support service available to healthcare provider practices that implement the ZyterHome remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution.

ZyterHome offers an RPM solution to help physicians and providers actively manage, monitor, and track the health conditions of at-home patients who can participate in their own care.

Using LTE-enabled devices to securely transmit physiological data to a dashboard at the physician’s office, ZyterHome increases care efficiency for post-acute patients with chronic conditions.

In terms of devices, ZyterHome currently supports the BodyTrace Blood Pressure Monitor, the Smart Meter iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitor and the BodyTrace Weighing Scale. The company plans to add more devices in the coming months.

ZyterHome Assist takes this one step further by adding end-to-end support for patients using ZyterHome. ZyterHome Assist provides support to ZyterHome patients via phone and email.

After enrolling patients in ZyterHome, a ZyterHome Assist specialist will reach out to them to make sure they have signed their consent form, and later follow up to address any questions about using ZyterHome devices. The Zyter Assist specialist will also set up automated subscriptions for test strips and other medical products for the patient, as well as act as a liaison with vendors if a patient needs to replace an LTE device.

When patients have any questions or have trouble using the LTE devices, they contact the ZyterHome Assist specialist for support instead of the provider’s office.

“With ZyterHome Assist, Zyter is going above and beyond implementation to help make remote patient monitoring a success for both providers and patients,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter Inc. “The ZyterHome Assist specialist is the main point of contact for support to ensure patient satisfaction with ZyterHome, and to help free up clinical staff so they can keep their focus on providing quality patient care.”

For more information on ZyterHome and ZyterHome Assist, please visit www.Zyter.com/ZyterHome.

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