QS/1 Integrates with Google’s Pointy

DME pharmacies and community pharmacies using QS/1 Pharmacy Management can now reach more local shoppers by showing them their inventory online thanks to the integration.

Independent pharmacy network RedSail Technologies, which owns QS/1, has launched a new integration with Pointy from Google and QS/1 Pharmacy Management System.

Pointy helps local pharmacies reach more customers by showing them what their store sells. With the new integration, DME pharmacies and community pharmacies using QS/1 Pharmacy Management System can download Pointy to their point-of-sale (POS) system. Once they scan their products, they are uploaded to an online catalog for their store and are then displayed on their Business Profile on Google. Their products also have a better chance of showing up in relevant product-related searches on Google.

Pointy is established in 22,000 locations, and QS/1 is one of their partners offering this service in the pharmacy industry. QS/1 customers can now take what their pharmacy offers a step further by expanding their online presence, tapping into a different market space, and appealing to a more mobile population.

“With seamless integration to QS/1’s POS, this process is very simple and will not only get the pharmacy’s items online, but the Retailer Dashboard can show which items are most popular, paid vs. organic performance, or the searches shoppers initiate to find the pharmacy,” said Justin Buckland, product manager for ancillary products at RedSail Technologies.

Other benefits include an online product catalog, image-based ads, product search results across Google surfaces, and Customer Support and Success Teams provided by Pointy.

“Facing COVID-19 and hoping to limit unnecessary trips, shoppers often check online to see if the product they need is in stock before leaving their house,” Buckland added “That’s where Pointy and QS/1 together can make a difference in supporting the health of communities.”

This new integration with Pointy is available to QS/1 customers using the POS software at no additional cost with the release of Service Pack 19.1.34.


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