Leveraging Policies and Procedures Lessons

COVID-19 taught providers a lot in terms of infection control, telehealth and other aspects of their businesses. What lessons will stick around for the long haul and what things should they have been doing all along?

HMEB PodcastHME businesses have adapted to a considerable number of changes during COVID-19, but which ones will stick around for the long haul?

Tim Safley, the program director for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), has been in an interesting position when it comes to helping providers integrate new policies and procedures into their operations and workflows.

In the current episode of the HMEB Podcast, Safley discusses the major policy and procedure changes the industry has had to make during COVID-19, such as infection control procedures and telehealth, which of those changes are likely to last, and what things the industry probably should have been doing all along.

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In the previous episodeTeleHealth Clinical Evals CEO Bill Paul talks about the importance of telehealth for CRT, the technology and tools involved, the problems they solve, and the benefits telehealth brings to patients and providers alike.

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