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Why outsourcing your HME prior authorization service is important in 2021?

Over the years, the difficulties in the HME prior authorization process have questioned many healthcare providers whether outsourcing their complex prior authorization process is the right option or not. 

A successful HME prior authorization requires a specific set of skills, complete authorization knowledge about its rules and regulation, proper resources and experiences along with other criteria which healthcare providers have to take care of. 
However, with the rising healthcare cost, increase in the billers and coders wages and ever changing billing regulation, it becomes further challenging especially today for many healthcare practices to find the perfect team without costing a hole in the healthcare provider's pocket. There is where outsourcing fits in.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Prior Authorization

By outsourcing your HME prior authorization by an operational extension, healthcare providers not only have a proper cash flow transaction but also ample hours of valuable time to focus on other important work like patient care etc. Operating at a lower price without compromising on the standard and quality of work, these outsourcing organizations are equally proficient in different software with no additional charges or any training costs. Hence, being a cost-effective solution.

In fact, outsourcing organization does not need to hire specialized people for separate HME prior authorization processes, saving healthcare providers not only time but also a lot of extra money which they invest in training costs, employee wages and other benefits etc .

Healthcare providers feel that outsourcing medical billing means you relinquish control to the operational extension. However, outsourcing medical billing services or even authorization process only give you more control than you’ve ever had with the help of robust reporting, 24/7 assistance for any kind of medical billing and authorization problems but also continuous follow-up with the highest productivity metric along with other advantages as well.

Sunknowledge Services

Sunknowledge Services Inc. offers prior authorization services that include three prior authorization requests in an hour and a 95 percent approval rate for our prior authorization activities. We can increase providers’ collection rates by 97 percent within the first 30 days of billing. 

Outsourcing also relieves the HME provider from staying updated with every prior authorization rule, regulation, and process update. Rather, our experts stay proficient in handling any authorization initiation, follow-up, and approval, with the provider seeing 100 percent prior authorization submissions on the same day.

Or company then monitors, analyzes, and improves prior authorization follow-up and process to avoid denials and guarantee reimbursements, to the point that we not only guarantee 80 percent operational cost reduction but benefits such as:
  • Robust reporting according to the client’s protocol. 
  • A no-cost, dedicated account manager
  • 99.9 percent accuracy rate in all the billing and coding processes
  • An immediate increase in collections by 80 percent within the first 30 days.
  • $1/$3 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of omission and commission.
  • We bear all costs of transition during your migration from another vendor.
  • No binding contracts.

Moreover, our experts undergo extensive training to close all the authorization gaps faster and effectively.

Providing HME prior authorization services to many leading names in the industry, our experts can provide customized solutions, which helps you streamline your authorization process and pave a way to financial growth. For more information on how our experts can help, get in touch with us via a no-commitment call.

About the Author

Ronnie Hastings ( Assistant General Manager) brings to the table more than 15 years of professional experience. He has handled major initiatives in contact center operations, relationship management and sales. At Sunknowledge, he started working with Part C and Part D and effective coordination with the private healthcare. Over the last 10 years, he has been a successful mentor and evolved as a promising resource for the company. At present, Ronnie is a pioneer member of Sunknowledge’s strategic think tank and is heading responsibilities in marketing, business development, and account management. He is also a seasoned expert in telemedicine services. He can be reached at

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