JTEK Solutions Wins Innovation Award

National Kitchen & Bath Association recognizes Ohio provider of accessible home design solutions and services with Innovative Showroom Award.

Canton, Ohio-based accessible living remodeler JTEK Solutions Group recently picked up an Innovative Showroom Award from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

JTEK received the Best Traditional Independent Showroom in the medium-sized group during the NKBA Design & Industry Awards’ annual ceremony last month. The awards spotlight the design professionals whose work is elevating the kitchen and bath design, building and remodeling, outdoor living, and living in place industries. The awards are considered a measure of excellence in the interior design world.

“It was surreal to see our name sharing the spotlight with winners in major markets like New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Orange County, California,” said Jared Chevraux, CEAC, executive vice president at JTEK Solutions Group. “We felt we built something special, but we really didn’t expect the industry to embrace our concept to this degree.”

JTEK Solutions Group created its upscale, first-of-its-kind design studio to incorporate the company’s full range of premium products and services throughout the space while showing their customer base of seniors, children and adults living with disabilities, injured workers, and disabled veterans how to improve quality of life at home. 

“We knew this place had to break the status quo of typical mobility showrooms,” Chevraux said. “JTEK’s layout, products and finish materials make each visitor feel like they are guests in a beautifully built and well-designed home.”

JTEK’s Home Access Design Studio has also helped the company reach customers looking for traditional remodeling and bath replacement services that do not necessarily have a current need for accessible features. Their variety of custom home design displays were designed by JTEK and Josh King Designs using local suppliers as well as national brand vendors, with all labor done by JTEK installers. 

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