3B Medical Launches ‘Share the Aer’ Giveaway

Every month for the next 6 months, 3B Medical will be giving away one free Aer X portable oxygen concentrator.

Citing a desire to help patients most in need, oxygen equipment maker 3B Medical is calling on HME providers to help identify patients that could benefit from a special giveaway contest.

Starting this month, 3B Medical will give away one of its Aer X portable oxygen concentrators to one lucky patient each month for the next six months.

“If you know of a deserving patient that is struggling, has a valid oxygen prescription, and would be ambulatory if they had a POC, tell us their story,” a statement from 3B read. “… For patients without insurance or with coverage that will not cover a POC, getting a free Aer X might be life-changing.”

To sign a patient up, providers should visit this link: gleam.io/KKuuE/aer-x-portable-oxygen-concentrator-giveaway.

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