Managing the Digital Patient Experience

You might have heard about the digital patient experience before COVID-19, but the pandemic pushed it to the fore. What is the digital patient experience, and how do HME providers optimize and manage it?

Various healthcare and market trends have been pushing the digital patient experience toward the HME industry for a few years, but COVID-19 set that motion on fast-forward. What should providers be doing?

In the current episode of the HMEB Podcast, Nupura Kolwalkar, Chief Product Officer for HME software company Brightree, gets into the nitty gritty of what actually is the digital patient experience, why it is important to HME, and how providers can optimize and manage their patients’ digital experience.

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In the previous episode of the HMEB Podcast, HME sales expert Ty Bello, CEO of HME sales coaching and consulting firm Team@Work, discusses how the new sales lessons providers learned in 2020 due to COVID-19 still apply, the changes they can expect this year, and what will help ensure a winning sales strategy in 2021.

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