VGM Meets With Rep. Miller-Meeks

New lawmaker representing Iowa’s 2nd congressional district sits down with VGM staff to learn about a range of issues and challenges facing HME businesses.

Recently sworn-in Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) met with representatives of VGM Group in Davenport, Iowa to learn more about the HME industry and the various issues facing providers.

The VGM contingent included VGM Group CEO Mike Mallaro, vice president of Government Relations John Gallagher, VGM consultant Tom Powers, and the Government Relations team organizer Emily Harken. 

Miller-Meeks is a key legislative contact, as she takes the office previously held by a longtime HME industry champion, Rep. Dave Loebsack, who had served the district since 2007. Loebsack did not seek reelection in 2020.  

A statement from VGM Government Relations noted that Miller-Meeks was engaging and well informed during the discussions.

“Rep. Miller-Meeks took several pages of notes as we discussed issues including HME Reimbursement rates impacting CBA’s and non-rural reimbursement rates, regulatory burdens, CRT, women’s health issues, and O&P legislation,” the VGM statement reported. “… As a former ophthalmology surgeon, military nurse, and ER doctor (retired Lt. Col.), she has a very good understanding of the importance of medical equipment.”

VGM said it would continue to work with Miller-Meeks’s office on industry issues and encouraged HME providers to reach out to their lawmakers, introduce themselves and communicate their concerns to their offices.

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