Reassessing Your Accreditation in 2021

The New Year brings an accreditation renewal cycle and some providers might be considering a switch. What do they need to be thinking about, what does the process look like, and does COVID-19 impact their decision-making?

The New Year is nearly upon us, and 2021 represents another three-year renewal cycle for DMEPOS accreditation. During these renewal periods, providers often consider switching up their accreditation organization (AO), which raises various issues they must address.

In the current episode of the HMEB PodcastSandra C. Canally, RN, CEO and founder of AO The Compliance Team, shares her insights on some the reasons that might make a provider consider switching things up. She discuss the timing issues, what providers should ask their AOs, and how COVID-19 might play a role in that decision.

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In the previous episode of the HMEB Podcast, Tom Ryan, president and CEO of the American Association for Homecare stopped by the HME Business podcast to clarify the issues around CMS's Round 2021 announcement, in which the agency said it was only bidding two categories — both off-the-shelf braces — and punting on the 13 remaining categories. Ryan shared his insights on what that meant for the industry, as well as his perspectives on CMS's proposed rule concerning rural providers. 

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