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Finger pulse oximeter emphasizes easy-use features

JB02020 Finger Pulse Oximeter

The John Bunn JB02020 Finger Pulse Oximeter from GF Health Products Inc. (Graham-Field) is a lightweight, pocketsize device designed for home, clinical and EMS settings. The unit provides fast and accurate oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, and perfusion index measurements via a large LED digital display, and includes SpO2 and pulse rate alarms. Other usability features include one-button operation, and automatic power-off function to conserve batteries. In terms of size, the device accommodates range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult.

GF Health Products Inc.
(770) 368-4700.

Indoor rollator with tray opens up a whole new mobility category

Trust Care Lets Go Indoor Rollator

The Trust Care Let’s Go Indoor Rollator from Stander is a mobility tool designed for the home, with a tray table and basket to transport food or other items around the house safely. It also acts as a TV tray for food, a computer, or even use as a side table. Its one-handed design gives the user a free hand while getting around the house. And for retailers, it opens an entire new “indoor rollator” category for their store, and they have the opportunity to sell any current rollator user another rollator specifically designed to make life easier in their home!

Stander Inc.
(800) 506-9901

Lab-tested CBD inflammation cream combines multiple ingredients

Inflammation Cream

This fast-acting topical cream made from CBD isolate is applied as needed directly to problem area. Six natural, no-compromise active ingredients go into the product, and the company performs rigorous third-party laboratory testing to ensure 400mg of CBD and 0mg of THC. Also, the company is providing a risk-free trial to HME providers to prove their product sells.

(615) 260-1338

Urethral control device offers post-surgery solution incontinence solution for men

Pacey Cuff Ultra

Designed for men who have undergone prostate cancer surgery the Pacey Cuff Ultra is an updated urethral control device (UCD) that aims to offer an effective, durable, and easy-to-use solution to urinary incontinence (UI). The Pacey Cuff Ultra uses technology to comfortably reduce or eliminate male UI by compressing the urethra and blocking unwanted urine flow, while still protecting the blood circulation in the topside of the penis to eliminate possible blood supply restriction pain and damage to the penis.

Pacey MedTech Ltd.
(877) 377-2239

CPAP cleaner operates with a single button


Zoey is a new CPAP cleaner sold solely through providers. Zoey gives patients the option to clean the mask, tube and CPAP machine, or the mask and tube only. Its beep-free interface cleans with a single button, and uses soft, colored lights to show cleaning in progress. Zoey is designed fit in the home, with a minimalist aesthetic, quiet operation and a small footprint. Zoey also features premium packaging to stand out in the retail space. Patients can consult user how-to videos and an intuitive quick start guide for fast and easy operation.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions
(877) 578-6738

App helps OSA sufferers find the right mask

myMask App

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare introduces the new F&P myMask App designed to support patient mask setup. F&P myMask helps you and your patients effectively fit, fine-tune and clean F&P CPAP masks for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Patients have the resources at their fingertips, empowering them to solve mask problems themselves, and in their own time, while building their confidence in the journey towards better sleep.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
(800) 792-3912

2D and 3D scanning solution helps users identify ideal sleep mask

Mask Selector 3D

The Philips Mask Selector 3D scanning software is a clinically validated mask selection, sizing and fitting solution that uses advanced camera technology and proprietary algorithms to help clinicians fit patients with the right mask from the start. Patients can see how the masks will look on them in real time, with computer generated visual representations. The 2D version of Mask Selector can be used from the comfort of the patient’s home to share personalized mask recommendations remotely.

(800) 345-6443

Fingertip pulse oximeter is portable and easy-to-use

OxyGo Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Studies have shown that some people with COVID-19 symptoms have alarmingly low levels of blood oxygen—OxyGo’s Fingertip Pulse Oximeter tracks oxygen saturation and pulse rate to help monitor health and recovery. It’s portable, easy-to-use and the CDC recommends using a pulse oximeter for identifying COVID-19 symptoms. Patients can self-monitor their condition and detect early symptoms of COVID-19. This non-invasive pulse oximeter is designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, gyms, at home or even on-the-go.

(888) 327-7301

Software dashboard helps DME businesses analyze COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 Impact Analytics Dashboards

Designed to help providers keep a pulse on their business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Brightree’s new COVID-19 Impact Analytics Dashboards provide a 360-degree high-level view of relevant patient care, employee productivity and financial performance. The 13 new dashboards, made available free of charge, enable providers to view and download clean, consolidated and consumable data on their evolving operations, from critical medical supply orders to employee performance to sales orders and payments. For providers looking to drill down even further, the Brightree Advanced Analytics module offers additional functionality, including the ability to monitor Patient Resupply, Patient Collections and more.

(888) 598-7797

Reimbursement service offers two infusion pharmacy billing solutions


Prochant, a reimbursement firm with a dedicated focus on HME and pharmacy, offers two billing solutions for infusion pharmacies. Fullservice Billing pairs providers with a dedicated team, including an expert account manager. By choosing this service, pharmacy providers completely outsource their billing operations, so that they can provide better patient care. Staff Augmentation, the second solution, is a convenient option for providers that are not ready for complete outsourcing. As their business grows, providers can use this option to efficiently scale their operations.

(888) 349-9015

Underwear providers overnight protection, peace of mind

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

Tranquility OverNight Underwear provide maximum overnight protection in a pull-on style for individuals with heavy to severe incontinence. Premium absorbent core quickly wicks and locks moisture away from the skin, neutralizes urine pH, and reduces odor to support clean-feeling, healthy skin. Full-rise fit features an elastic waistband, cloth-like outer layer and breathable sides to ensure all-night comfort and protection. Uniquely designed Kufguards channel fluids into the core to promote a leakfree experience. Easy tear-away side seams allow for no-hassle removal. Latex-free.

Principle Business Enterprises Inc.
(800) 467-3224

Compression wrap solution designed for calf and foot

Comprefit Standard Calf & Foot

This Lower limb garment strap system offers high range of adjustability for custom fit. The compression system for foot and calf comes with a garment strap system that gives it high range of adjustability for accurate fit. Overlapping bands mimic bandaging technique that allows for fluctuations in limb fluid volume. Back spin of garment provides support and ensures firm, secure fit.

(800) 322-7744

This article originally appeared in the DME Pharmacy December 2020 issue of HME Business.

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