Round 2021 Bidder Score Sheet Available in Connexion

Providers that submitted bids can now see their financial scores to see how they rated and to use the information for future rounds.

Providers that submitted a complete bid for Round 2021 can now view their financial score in Connexion.

During its bid evaluation for Round 2021, the Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor (CBIC) evaluated each bidder’s financial health by reviewing the financial documents they supplied and calculated a financial score.

That score is available for all bidders in Round 2021, except for those who bid on the non-invasive ventilators (NIV) category because CBIC did not complete its bid evaluation since that category was removed from Round 2021. However, the scores are available for companies that bid on the 13 categories for which CMS ultimately decided not to award any contracts.

So, why would a bidder want to look at its score? Insights into how it stacks up and how it can prepare for future rounds, according to the American Association for Homecare.

“Bidders are encouraged to review their financial score sheet to see how they financially performed the bid evaluation process,” a statement from the association read. “The financial score sheet will also be helpful for bidders in submitting bids in future rounds.”

CBIC posted some online resources to help bidders review their scores:


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