ResMed Launches Sleep Education, Awareness Campaign

Aimed at the spreading a wider understanding of sleep disorders and treatment in Indian, the campaign combines education and a sleep coach assistance service.

Global sleep and respiratory technology company ResMed has launched a new sleep education campaign, #WakeUpToGoodSleep, which emphasizes the importance of sleep quality for overall wellbeing, as well as the growing and largely unidentified population of sleep disorders in India.

Millions of Indians suffer from sleeping disorders, with most going undetected. More than one million Indians suffer from sleep apnea alone, according to a 2019 Lancet Respiratory Medicine study. Sleeping disorders can result in heart attacks, diabetes, depression and other physical and mental issues.

As part of the campaign, ResMed launched a short educational film that showcases sleep apnea, and has also introduced a sleep coach assistant service. The service consists of a team of coaches who remotely guide patients through every step of their journey to better sleep. Services include home sleep tests, helping patients understand the treatment options available such as a CPAP, and guiding patients through devise installation/setup.

To drive sleep awareness and education amongst the medical community, ResMed has conducted web-education series in association with some of the most prominent sleep experts in the country. Since May 2020, ResMed has certified over 700 doctors across India as part of the education awareness drive.

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