Zyter Launches Remote Monitoring for Home Setting

The system aims to support a broad array of healthcare devices so that care providers can easily and cheaply monitor patients' in-home care.

Digital health technology company Zyter Inc. has released Zyter Home Health and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), a vendor-agnostic platform for collecting data from various health devices.

Designed to help healthcare providers, health systems, and other stakeholders in patients’ continuum of care, Zyter Home Health and Remote Patient Monitoring tracks data from a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, digital weight scale, or blood glucose monitor. Device readings from FDA-approved devices support proactive disease management, including patient-generated data such as meal tagging.

The goal, according to Zyter, is to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy to decrease costs. To that end, the company reports its RPM solution will soon support more than 350 consumer devices, and offer both standalone as well as integrated solutions that enhance existing workflow tools and minimizing disruption.

Integrated with Zyter’s digital health platform, called In addition, activity checklists and surveys can be used to encourage patient participation, and enhance care team interactions. The system also provides patients with the opportunity for self-care and self-triage using smart exams.

Paired with Zyter’s Telehealth product, patients can sync their data quickly and easily while tracking progress toward their clinical goals.

“By providing the tools that put real-time data in the hands of clinicians, Zyter removes guesswork and helps support patients on their health journey,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter. “In addition to improving patient engagement in their care, remote patient monitoring also offers significant efficiency, convenience and cost saving advantages to providers.”

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