Quality Biomedical Opens California Equipment Facility

The new Fresno facility is part of the respiratory and infusion equipment servicing company’s push to expand nationally.

As part of a national expansion strategy, respiratory, sleep and infusion equipment servicing and inventory management company Quality Biomedical Inc. has opened its eighth respiratory equipment management center, located in Fresno, Calif.

“We now have equipment service-management centers from border-to-border and coast-to-coast,” said Jim Worrell, the chief commercial officer for Quality Biomedical. “As the industry continues to consolidate and HME companies and OEMs work to reduce the number of vendors they work with, our national network of equipment management centers helps them reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.”

Other Quality Biomedical facilities are located in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Colorado and Texas.

“We are providing a range of equipment-management solutions for HME providers and OEMs who recognize that equipment service is not their core competency and is best managed by companies like ours that specialize in this area,” Quality Biomedical CEO PK Bala said. “Once companies understand the total cost of warehousing, deploying and servicing their own equipment, or using multiple vendors, the benefits of outsourcing to a single equipment management company become obvious.”

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