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So... What's a DemoCast?

We’ve struck on a new way to serve up product information to providers, and it really delivers.

There’s a point of pain in the industry that’s been caused by COVID-19, and I think in trying to help alleviate that pain, we’ve hit on an exciting new service that I want to tell you about.

So what’s the point of pain? The COVID-19 public health emergency has made it all but impossible for vendors to and HME providers to meet up and discuss new and compelling products and business services. It’s even forced the cancellation or postponement of events across the HME industry, which only exacerbates the problem.

For an industry that provides products to their clients, not being able to learn about new offerings in the marketplace is, to put it mildly, a less-than-ideal situation.

Enter the DemoCast

That’s why we’ve introduced our latest online learning service: The HME Business DemoCasts.

The DemoCasts leverage our webinar platform to let HME products and service vendors present either five or 10 minutes of video content about their products. Then, the presenters of the longer, 10-minute videos can engage the audience for up to five minutes of live Q&A (and of course they can engage in further Q&A after the webinar). We typically have approximately six vendors per HME Business DemoCast so that we have a good array of products and services for the audience, but with enough time to get some solid, in-depth understanding of the product.

Consider it a mix of the best parts of a trade show expo and a really good in-service mixed together. Best of all, registration for our DemoCasts is free to HME providers.

So far, we have produced four DemoCasts that have included products for a variety of vendors:

Accreditation Commission for Health Care
Compliance Team
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc.
McKesson Medical-Surgical
Medline Industries Inc.
Philips Respironics
Prochant Inc.
Tranquility Incontinence Products
Universal Software Solutions Inc.
Western Medical

That’s demos from nearly 15 vendors that required no driving, no scheduling or any other hassle. Missed those DemoCasts? No problem. You can head over to HME-business.com/democast and watch them as archives. All the presenter contact information is provided in case you want to follow up and ask additional questions.

More to Come

And we’re not stopping. Already we have another DemoCast slated for Oct. 29 and another for Nov. 5 that are part of our special Product Launch event, which includes the Product Launch 2020 feature in this issue (see page 18), as well as the DemoCasts, social media coverage and special editions of e-Source, our weekly enewsletter service.

For those Product Launch DemoCasts, we already have the following companies lined up:

Stander Inc.
Accreditation Commission for Health Care
LifeWalker Mobility Products
Brownmed Inc.

How do you register for those DemoCasts? It’s easy. Go to the aforementioned HME-business.com/democast and enter your details and you’re good to go. We’ll send you updates and links as the events approach?

How do you find out about future DemoCasts? The best way is to go to HME-business.com and subscribe to e-Source, as well as follow us on social media via @hmebusiness. Hope you enjoy the shows!

This article originally appeared in the Sep/Oct 2020 issue of HME Business.

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