HSS Pushes Provider Relief Application to Sept. 13

Agency extends the application deadline for Phase 2 General Distribution after expanding eligibility for the funds.

HHS has extended the deadline to apply for Phase 2 General Distribution from Aug. 28 to Sept. 13.

The agency also recently expand the eligibility for Phase 2 General Distribution to include:

  • Providers who were ineligible for the Phase 1 General Distribution because they underwent a change in ownership in 2019 or 2020 under Medicare Part A, and did not have Medicare Fee-For-Service revenue in 2019.
  • Providers who received a payment under Phase 1 General Distribution, but missed the June 3 deadline to submit revenue information. This includes many Medicaid, CHIP, and dental providers with low Medicare revenues that assumed they were ineligible for additional distribution targeted at Medicare providers or had planned to apply for a Medicaid and CHIP specific distribution.
  • Providers who received a payment under Phase 1 General Distribution, but did not receive Phase 1 General Distribution payments totaling approximately 2 percent of their annual patient revenue.
  • Providers who previously received Phase 1 General Distribution payment(s), but rejected and returned the funds and are now interested in reapplying.

To learn more, Mina Uehara, the Assistant Director of Regulatory Affairs for the American Association for Homecare, authored an authored detailing the specifics on the expanded Phase 2 of CARES provider relief. 

Eligible Phase 2 providers can apply at the Enhanced Provider Relief Fund Payment Portal. More information is available at HHS’s CARES Act Provider Relief Fund site.

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