Sunrise Medical Acquires Leckey and Firefly

Integrating James Leckey Design’s brands will help Sunrise expand its reach into various global markets while also using its assets to accelerate the growth of its newly acquired brands.

Assistive mobility manufacturer Sunrise Medical has acquired James Leckey Design, along with its subsidiaries Firefly Friends and Vida Global, extends its therapeutic care offerings.

Sunrise has been a key distribution partner for Leckey for many years in multiple countries. Leckey works with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, users and their families to develop solutions, products and programs designed to improve mobility and participation in standing, walking, seating and other key daily life activities for children with assistive mobility needs.

“The pediatrics sector is strategically important for us as we continue to improve people’s lives,” said Thomas Babacan, president and CEO of Sunrise Medical group. “Children and families are part of the core focus of our services.”

“Our mission of supporting children is perfectly aligned with Sunrise Medical’s core values and mission of improving people’s lives,” Leckey CEO Ben Stocks said. “We are very excited to join Sunrise. Our products are highly complementary, Sunrise’s global sales networks, business resources and infrastructure will significantly accelerate Leckey’s global reach and growth; and its broad offering and expertise will provide a solid foundation for further product innovation and wider customer proposition.”

Sharing Market Strengths

As a result of the acquisition, Sunrise Medical will take over the exclusive distribution for Leckey products in the North American market, Babacan noted, adding that “we expect great synergies across our key geographical markets, like North America, U.K. and Germany.”

Where the United Kingdom is concerned, Sunrise will leverage the buy to extend its reach there following its purchase of JCM several years ago, according to Babacan. Also, Sunrise will use its business infrastructure and network to help Leckey grow in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“We are also looking forward to leveraging Firefly’s advanced e-commerce business model, digital marketing and customer services to improve our ways of doing business and serving our global customers better,” he added.

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