PAMS Secures COVID-19 Hazard Pay Eligibility for HMEs

After outreach from the association, the state includes HME providers in a special frontline health worker grant program that increases workers’ hourly wages for 10 weeks.

HME providers in Pennsylvania are now eligible to receive COVID-19 hazard pay for frontline workers, thanks to an effort by the Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers (PAMS).

The Pennsylvania Department of Commerce and Economic Development (DCED) informed PAMS that HME providers would qualify for its frontline grant program. As part of the program, Qualified employees who make less than $20.00 per hour can receive $3.00 extra per hour for 10 weeks starting in August, up to a total of $1,200 per eligible employee.

The grants will help HME providers continue to serve patients in the keystone state while providing for their staff, as well. 

DCED included HME providers after PAMS Executive Director Mindy Eberhart sent a letter to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and exchanged multiple emails with DCED. 

“We are pleased that the Pennsylvania DCED has agreed that home medical equipment providers are eligible to apply for the hazard pay grants, as they should be,” Eberhart noted in a public statement. “Our providers have faithfully worked throughout the public health emergency to continue to service their customers. We are thankful that their efforts are being recognized and that our perseverance has paid off on behalf of our members and the industry.”

“The leaders at PAMS deserve great credit for their persistent and effective engagement of the Governor’s office and other policymakers in Pennsylvania,” said Laura Williard, vice president of payer relations for the American Association for Homecare. “… This win will help us seek protections for HME suppliers in other states as we continue our work to raise the profile of this industry.”

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