Two Key Industry Efforts: Round 2021 Delay and AAHomecare Ambassadors

Tom Ryan of American Association for Homecare joins the HMEB podcast to discuss the current push to delay Round 2021 and the special Ambassador project to get more providers involved in the association.

As the American Association for Homecare works to advance various industry agenda items, Tom Ryan, president and CEO of the association met with the HME Business podcast to discuss two key items on the association's docket: driving members and the current effort to delay Round 2021.

In the current episode of the HMEB PodcastRyan first shines a spotlight on the association’s Ambassador Program, a unique effort by high-profile industry stakeholders to get more HME providers involved in the association. Second, he discusses the current effort to get HME stakeholders to help convince lawmakers to sign a House sign-on letter calling on CMS to delay Round 2021 of competitive bidding. The deadline is July 29.

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