Invacare, Alber Launch SMOOV one

Portable, power assist solution for manual wheelchairs comes to the U.S. market after its launch in Europe last year.

Invacare Corp. and power-assist solutions maker Alber have announced the U.S. market launch of the SMOOV one, a power-assist solution for manual wheelchair users.

The SMOOV one is a portable, rear-mounted power add-on that attaches to rigid and folding manual wheelchairs to provides portable, on-demand power whenever the driver needs it. Users control the quiet, brushless drive via a front-mounted ergonomic control unit.

The SMOOV one’s wheel maintains contact with the ground , making it reliable on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces and inclines. The unit’s single-drive wheel is coated with a rubber layer and features tire treads making it easy to navigate challenging terrains, and the wheel’s 359-degree swivel fork makes quick turns easy.

The result is increased mobility and range for users with less stress on their shoulders.

“The SMOOV one is extremely beneficial to our customers’ livelihood and we have already seen great success since its launch last year in Europe,” said Joost Beltman, Invacare’s vice president of sales and marketing for North America. “This solution has represented yet another technological leap forward for Invacare and is a great addition to our leading portfolio of mobility products.”

“Our team conducted deep analysis into client insights and, with the support of a cross-disciplined team, we were then able to design a superior product that reduces shoulder wear and tear,” Sebastian Zitzler, director of sales at Alber, added. “Early client feedback has been resoundingly positive and we are thrilled to now introduce this novel solution to the U.S. market.”

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