3B Unveils Lumin Wand

The new addition to HME manufacturer’s Lumin disinfectant family of produces uses UVC output to sanitize surfaces.

3B Medical has released the Lumin Wand, a device that helps consumers and small businesses sanitize surfaces without chemicals.

Known mainly for its development of sleep therapy and oxygen products, 3B Medical recently launched its Lumin family of germicidal UVC disinfecting devices,  which includes the Lumin CPAP Cleaner and Multipurpose Sanitizer and the Lumin Bullet. The Lumin Wand joins that family.

Going on sale in August, the Lumin Wand uses germicidal UVC output to disinfect items such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, keyboards and phones. It includes a five-hour battery, built-in proximity sensor, and an accelerometer to ensure safe operation.

“Our patent-pending technology allows for safe operation of a commercial strength UVC disinfecting wand that is supported by robust independent lab testing,” said Alex Lucio, CEO of 3B Medical.

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