Philips Respironics Mask Selector Now Available

System uses 3D facial scanning technology to help patients size, fit and select the OSA mask in the lab, as well as a 2D system for selecting a mask from home.

Royal Philips has rolled out its Philips Respironics Mask Selector, a 3D facial scanning tool that helps providers fit 9 out of 10 patients with the right PAP therapy mask on the first try. The system also includes a 2D option to let patients size and select masks from home.

Traditional mask-fitting costs time, money, labor and above all, compliance. So much so that one in every three patients needs to be refitted for a mask after their sleep test, according to a 2018 study.

Using 3D camera technology, each Mask Selector scan captures 150 frames and 15 million points of facial geography data. Then, Philips’ proprietary algorithm identifies the 46,200 data points most critical to providing an accurate, precise mask recommendation.

These data are combined with a patient questionnaire to recommend a mask type, cushion, and frame size.

Of course, in-lab sizing and fitting isn’t always an option given the COVID-19 pandemic, so Philips also offers a 2D version of Mask Selector that patients can use at home. It employs a self-scan and the same algorithm as the 3D solution to determine mask recommendations in moments which it makes available to the HME provider for review, validation and fulfillment.

That said, cushion recommendations are only available via in-office, 3D scan.

“Mask Selector promises to transform the way DMEs and sleep labs provide care and also how CPAP patients experience care,” said Mark D’Angelo, Sleep OSA Business Leader at Philips. “This data-driven solution can not only help DMEs and Sleep labs operate more efficiently by reducing the burden and expense of a potentially lengthy mask fitting process, but also help to improve patient compliance by delivering a personalized mask specific to the individual needs of the patient.”

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