ResMed Expands Remote Monitoring Capabilities on Ventilators in Europe

The company sped up their timeline for launching its AirView platform on ventilators and Lumis bilevel devices across Europe.

Facing an increased demand for ventilators during the COVID-19 crisis, ResMed has sped up the release of new remote monitoring features in Europe to help clinicians advise their patients and reduce in-person visits.

ResMed’s cloud-based AirView platform for ventilators and Lumis bilevel devices allows care providers to securely monitor patients’ respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. Those devices can now connect to AirView through a connectivity module or a built-in cellular connection, depending on the machine.

While coronavirus patients using ventilators are almost always in a hospital setting and require around-the-clock monitoring, other patients requiring ventilators are in a number of care settings, including homecare providers.

Now, physicians can use AirView to conduct regular check-ins and increase the capacity of the healthcare system via telehealth, said Odile Bigaignon, the European vice president of respiratory care marketing for ResMed.

“As a result of the current crisis, we accelerated the development and release of these new features by several months,” Bigaignon said in a statement.

She added: “Through remote telemonitoring, we want to help clinicians and care providers maintain their quality of care for patients that they cannot physically see during this crisis, as well as to provide an additional layer of safety for both provider and patient by helping them to maintain social distancing.”

In addition to viewing respiratory information, clinicians can also remotely change some device settings on Lumis machines. Healthcare providers that want to activate AirView on ventilators or bilevel devices can contact their local ResMed representative.

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