WellSky and Qlik Launch COVID-19 Heat Map

The online tool lets HME providers track current outbreak hot spots and anticipate locations with increasing infection rates to help protect staff and patients and better apply finite resources.

HME software company WellSky and data analytics firm Qlik have launched the WellSky COVID-19 Tracker, a new COVID-19 heat map feature that aims to help providers keep their staff and patients safe.

Knowing that healthcare workers are facing shortages of essential resources, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), WellSky is giving its clients free access to the WellSky-Qlik heat map to track the virus’s spread.

Leveraging data analytics technology donated by Qlik, providers can use the WellSky-Qlik heat map to track current outbreak hot spots, anticipate locations with increasing infection rates, and distribute valuable PPE resources based on locations where clinical staff need it most.

The heat map uses clinical staff zip code data to compare staff locations against confirmed COVID-19 cases across the United States. By layering and blending this data, home-based care providers can see the PPE supply chain and where staff might need increased access to resources such as medical face masks, face shields, gloves, and gowns. This lets homecare providers better manage their PPE supply.

An screenshot from the WellSky-Qlik Heatmap:

“With information changing daily, care providers need up-to-date data on where they should focus their attention and finite resources,” said WellSky CEO Bill Miller.” WellSky and Qlik’s new coronavirus heat map will help providers make smarter, more informed decisions throughout this public health crisis.”

“The partnership with WellSky is a great example of how effective use of data can improve supply chain management, and help bring frontline healthcare workers the supplies they so vitally need during this crisis,” added Qlik CEO Mike Capone. “We’re proud to support this initiative, giving home-based care providers the resources they need to safely care for our vulnerable populations and communities during this critical time.”

National HME, respiratory, home health and hospice care provider Medical Services of America (MSA) is in the process of beta testing the heat map feature across its locations throughout the United States. COVID-19 is affecting all aspects of MSA’s business, and the nationwide shortage of PPE is a top concern.

“Traditionally, home health has not been an industry that previously used a lot of N95 masks and related protective supplies. But now we need quadruple the amount of the PPE that we needed before,” said Christina Smith, RN, BSN, MSN, corporate staff development coordinator for MSA’s home health and hospice teams. “With technology that tells us which geographic areas have outbreaks and whether our staff is located in those areas, we can make better PPE allocation decisions.”

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