NPIAP Provides Guidelines on Preventing Mask Injuries

Association statement and infographic outline ways that healthcare workers can prevent pressure injuries from N95 respirator masks, which have a high risk for injury due to need for a tight fit.

The National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) has released guidelines and an infographic on how healthcare workers can prevent facial pressure injuries during extended use of the N95 mask.

The intensity and duration of pressure and shear from the tight-fitting masks, as well as the varying tissue tolerance of the individuals wearing the masks, all contribute to the well-publicized sores from using the masks.

However, NPIAP has outlined steps that can be taken in terms of preparing the skin before wearing the mask; periodically relieving the pressure of the mask; preventing sores without undermining the mask’s safety; and promoting wound healing.

A PDF of the full guidelines is available at, and a PDF of an infographic (below) summarizing those guidelines is available at

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