Diving Into COVID-19 Regulatory Changes

In addition to the $30 billion COVID-19 relief fund, HME providers have seen a cascade of Federal and state regulatory changes, as well as new private payer funding guidelines. AAHomecare regulatory and payer relations experts Kim Brummett and Laura Williard take a deep dive into all of them.

In addition to the $30 billion CARES Act relief fund, the HME industry has witnessed a number of federal and state regulatory changes, as well as a number of private payer guidelines, to help HME providers safely serve homecare patients during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

In the latest episode of the HMEB Podcast, sponsored by McKesson, Kim Brummett, vice president of regulatory affairs for the American Association for Homecare, and Laura Williard, AAHomecare's vice president of payer relation, take a deep dive into the various regulatory changes, relaxed funding requirements, new telehealth guidelines, and the pause on audits, as well as the the $30 billion relief fund. 

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In the previous episode of the HMEB Podcast, accreditation expert Sandra Canally, RN, founder and CEO of The Compliance Team, outlines specific processes and procedures HME providers can implement throughout their businesses to assess and address COVID-19 exposure. Canally shares a virtual mountain of how-to tips on practices HME providers can apply at the storefront, in the warehouse, and out in the field to help protect their patients and staff, while continuing to provide care and services.

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