CARES Act Attestation Portal Now Online

Providers receiving a share of the $30 billion COVID-19 relief fund must use the portal to declare they comply with the program’s terms and conditions within 30 days of receiving the relief.

The attestation portal for providers receiving COVID-19 relief per the CARES Act is now online for providers to declare they fully comply with the program.

As reported earlier, most HME providers are eligible to receive coronavirus-related relief funds from the Department of Health and Human Services, which began distributing $30 billion on Friday to assist Medicare suppliers and providers who have lost revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, HME providers receiving a share of the CARES Act relief must sign an attestation that they comply with the COVID-19 relief program’s terms and conditions. Providers and suppliers must complete the form within 30 days of receiving the relief.

An update from the American Association for Homecare suggested that suppliers should “examine the terms & conditions document carefully and seek legal guidance if you are unsure if your company is able to comply.”

The attestation portal is now available at - /step/1.

More information on the CARES Act relief fund is available at the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund page.

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