Three New England Providers Merge to Form Spiro Health

Under the Spiro Health brand, America’s HealthCare at Home, Cape Medical Supply and Health Complex Medical will leverage technology to provide seamless services to sleep and respiratory patients across seven New England states. That said, Spiro Health has an eye on caring for a much larger market.

Three New England HME providers, America’s HealthCare at Home (Baltimore), Cape Medical Supply (Sandwich, Mass.) and Health Complex Medical (Waterbury, Conn.), have merged to form Spiro Health, a larger umbrella care organization serving the region.

Spiro Health will care for clients in seven states, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia, and its leadership comprises the management from the original three regional providers. Its moniker derived from the Latin for “breathe,” Spiro Health will provide a diverse product range, but will focus on sleep health and respiratory care. 

Each of the brands will continue to serve their respective markets under their original business names, but will leverage technology to provide consistent, seamless care and services to their clients. This strategy will ensure Spiro Health functions as a lynchpin in the care continuum between patients, physicians, and payers, explained Mark Kassir, President and CEO of America’s HealthCare at Home and newly appointed President (Mid-Atlantic) of Spiro Health.

“Our goal in everything we do is to reduce the pain point for referral sources and patients and make their lives easier in the path toward better health and wellness,” Kassir said.

“Our leadership team is wholly focused on building a best-in-class patient and referral partner experience, utilizing our collective experience and an innovative technology platform ready for robust growth,” added Gary Sheehan, president and CEO of Cape Medical Supply and newly appointed CEO of Spiro Health.

Spiro Health’s leadership team will bring a combined 275 years’ HME experience to the table, and, together, the three providers businesses will combine a workforce totaling 175 HME professionals. This foundation will serve as a foothold for building a national HME organization, according to Jack Hogan, president and CEO of Health Complex Medical and newly appointed President (New England) of Spiro Health.

“This is just the first step in our path to organic and acquisition growth,” Hogan said.

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