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A collection of new products and services available to pharmacies that carry DME.

Having a broad range of product offerings is the lifeblood of your DME business. Here is a look at some of the latest offerings on the market:

PurSlep promotes sleep tonight, focus tomorrow

PurSlepPurWell’s signature product, a CBD oil sleep liquid called PurSlep, has a proprietary blend of holistic supplements in a nighttime-specific cannabinoid formula. A dropperful at bedtime helps promote sleep at night and mental acuity the next day. PurSlep contains a plant extract oil rich in pharmaceutical-grade beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, and CBG. Each batch is lab-tested for purity and potency to ensure proper, consistent dosage, and the company says it’s organically grown and harvested using sustainable and responsible farming techniques. PurSlep products include PurSlep 1500mg CBD Oil and the PurSlep 1-Night sample pack.

PurWell LLC
(844) 787-9355

Pocket portable nebulizer delivers whisper-quiet treatments

Flyp NebulizerWeighing only 4 ounces, smaller than a cell phone, and virtually silent in use, Convexity Scientific’s Flyp Nebulizer is a truly pocket portable nebulizer that offers an alternative to traditionally loud nebulizers. Flyp generates a precise aerosol with up to 90% percent of particles in the respirable range. The product is powered by an internal L-Ion battery and can be recharged simply via micro-USB. The nebulizer’s whisper-quiet treatments can last as little as seven minutes.

Convexity Scientific Inc.
(844) 359-7632

Decompress with Balance by Mighty Self

BalanceMighty Self is launching Balance, a nutraceutical product designed to support natural inflammatory response and help calm nervous tension. Balance is formulated with full-spectrum whole plant hemp-based CBD extract in combination with complementary bioactive and apoptogenic herbs that help the body’s processes to boost mood, calm the mind and relieve nervous tension. Key ingredients in Balance include CBD, phenethylamine, hordenine, DL-phenylalanine; ashwagandha (herb); theobromine (a flavanol antioxidant compound); and curcumin, a compound found in turmeric that supports a healthy inflammatory response, antioxidant activity and cell protection. Balance is nonpsychoactive, contains no artificial flavors and is sugar free. Each bottle contains 25 capsules (suggested usage is one capsule per day).

Mighty Self Co.
(415) 625-3214

Salve hemp extract for all seasons

Tanasi 150mg Hemp Extract salveTanasi 150mg Hemp Extract salve combines almond oil with beeswax in a unique one-toone ratio of Tennessee hemp-derived cannabidiol-acid (CBDA), cannabidiol (CBD) and a proprietary terpene blend. The terpene blend imparts a unique, pleasant aroma and also packs the full-spectrum salve with cannabinoids. Tanasi promises the products are laboratory precise, though each batch and product is special and contains the essence of that particular strain and season. Each jar contains about 30 applications. Just rub some salve into the area of pain or tension and relax!

GreenWay Herbal Products LLC
(800) 395-7976

HME software streamlines billing, order processing and inventory management

QS/1QS/1’s SystemOne helps HME/DME businesses and pharmacies remain relevant and successful, according to the company. SystemOne’s modular design lets providers select only the functionality they need and add as the business demands. Choose it for processing orders, billing Medicare, Medicaid, and third-parties, filing compliant documentation, managing inventory, and the ability to integrate with pharmacy, point-of-sale, and IVR. QS/1 serves customers with nationwide hardware support, 24/7 customer service, regulatory updates, and ongoing product enhancements.

(866) 548-9190

Walking aid offers comfortable solution with quick-stop loop brakes

Lumex Walkabout Steel Knock Down RollatorThe Lumex Walkabout Steel Knock Down Rollator offers a comfortable, traditionally designed, valuepriced solution to mobility for someone looking for an easy to use walking aid. The frame is made of a highly durable steel and quickly folds into a compact unit for storage and transport. In addition, the walking aid features quick-stop loop brakes, ergonomic hand grips and a padded seat for added comfort. Included with the product is a pouch for storage of personal items and a three-year limited warranty.

GF Health Products
(770) 368-4700

Control your dose with flavored hemp extract oil tincture

Tanasi Full Spectrum 350mg Oil TinctureTanasi Full Spectrum 350mg Oil Tincture is a scientifically developed formulation derived from premium Tennessee-grown hemp flower. The blend begins with a base of organic MCT oil, infused with full-spectrum hemp extract with a concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiol-A (CBDA). Tanasi flavored tinctures are available in proprietary blueberry, citrus, mint, and cinnamon flavors. Comes in 7 mL bottles, just right for perfect for the first-time user looking to experience the benefits of CBD.

GreenWay Herbal Products LLC
(800) 395-7976

Elongated raised toilet seat is lightweight, portable

Elongated Raised Toilet SeatDynarex has added a new Elongated Raised Toilet Seat to its DME line. The new Elongated Raised Toilet Seat comes with and without arms, heavy-duty molded plastic construction which is lightweight and portable. The seat adds additional height to the seat and fits most standard toilets.

(845) 365-8200

Chair caddie makes it easier to maneuver seated patients

Chair CaddieTo help caregivers safely move a seated person up to and away from a table, ComforTek has introduced the Chair Caddie. The product attaches to existing chairs, raising them 0.75 inches above the floor and making it easier to maneuver the patient. In addition, the caddie comes with the ability to lock the chair in place using rear brakes, reducing the risk of falling for the patient and easing the physical strain on the caregiver.

(888) 678-2060

Footwear uses biomechanical technology to hug arches like natural footprint

Vionic Footwear and Orthaheel OrthoticsYour style, your science. That’s the motto behind Vionic Footwear and Orthaheel Orthotics. Biomechanics is a fancy way of saying the science of the way we move. Experts in foot and body movement took their studies and created Vio Motion Support. Because each shoe conceals this biomechanical technology under the foot, Vionic’s shoes and sandals hug arches like a natural footprint. This is how Vionic supports patients so they can get a move on.

Vionic Group LLC
(888) 882-7954

Rub aches away with PurWell’s pure natural CBD oil salve

natural CBD salveAvailable in relaxing menthol and lavender/eucalyptus scents, PurWell’s Natural CBD salves for topical use let patients target specific ache or tension sites. Rubbed onto the skin, the cannabinoid-carrying lipids in the oil base move across skin cell membranes to spread healing mechanisms to surrounding cell and tissue layers. The salves contain full spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax and organic essential oils. They are third-party lab tested to ensure purity and potency.

PurWell LLC
(844) 787-9355

Soothe your smoothie with water-soluble hemp extract drink concentrate

Tanasi Water-Soluble 480mg Hemp Extract Drink ConcentrateA few drops of Tanasi Water-Soluble 480mg Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate gives a little bump to your favorite beverage. The concentrate is a cannabinoid concentration that starts in a powder form. Each 240mg bottle contains a concentration of the cannabinoids CBDa/CBD, and each drop contains 2mg. The Tanasi brand is the first to provide a line of CBD products developed by a team of PhDs in a university setting.

GreenWay Herbal Products LLC
(800) 395-7976

This article originally appeared in the DME Pharmacy April 2020 issue of HME Business.

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