Respiratory HMEs and COVID-19

President of national HME provider AdaptHealth joins the HME Business Podcast to discuss what kinds of changes his business is making to continue caring for oxygen patients during COVID-19, as well as the need for providers to convince Congress and CMS to protect patient access to oxygen equipment during COVID-19.

One group of HME providers having to face COVID-19 head on are oxygen providers, as the patients they serve are some of the most vulnerable to the disease. That said, there are multiple measures oxygen providers can implement to safeguard both their patients and staff during the pandemic.

In the latest episode of the HME Business Podcast, Josh Parnes, president of national provider AdaptHealth, which provides a full range of HME supplies and services that includes in-home and portable Oxygen, ventilation and CPAP and BIPAP, outlined the various steps his business has taken to protect both patients and team members. He also explains why providers must convince Congress and CMS to protect patient access to oxygen equipment during COVID-19.

"We're dealing with a respiratory emergency in this country," he said. "We see we are vastly short on resources, particularly on the ventilation side … do we really want to take vent providers and put them in competitive bidding now? … This specific situation is really calling attention to how we as an industry are an integral part of the respiratory continuum of care, and cutting back the number of providers and resources to the providers that are on the front lines of this is a mistake." 

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In the previous episode, Gary Sheehan, MBA, president and CEO of Cape Medical Supply, discussed how his provider business  acted fast to prepare his business in terms of staff protection, patient care, teleworking, and operations. Moreover, he explaieds why the preparations providers are making aren’t just to keep their businesses running, but because HME providers are on the front lines of the national healthcare response to the disease. 

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