VGM Pushes for Better Provider Access to PPEs

As state governments call on Trump Administration to release Federal supplies of PPEs and other medical resources, VGM calls on HME stakeholders to push for priority access in order to help contain COVID-19.

While various states are calling on the Trump administration to release Federal reserves of medical supplies in order to help address COVID-19, VGM & Associates called on HME providers to contact state and local health officials to ensure they get priority access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies since they are assisting homecare patients.

“We need to ensure home medical equipment suppliers receive priority access to critical supplies during this crisis to assist patients in healing at home,” a statement from VGM Government Relations read. “It is crucial that HME suppliers reach out to their county and state health departments today, letting them know what your company is doing to help during this crisis and your PPE supply needs to ensure patient and employee safety.”

VGM suggested providers take the following actions:

  • Contact their state and county health departments and seek a personal contact with those agencies to explain your business’s position.
  • Give those officials your company basic information, describe your business model, and the patients you serve.
  • Explain the importance of HME providers during this crisis.
  • Underscore your need for assistance with necessary supplies and PPEs in order to keep your patients and employees safe.

PPE Guidelines

VGM also summarized the CDC’s recommendations regarding PPE use when it comes to the disease:

Additional information on infection prevention and control can be found from the CDC at

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