Retail Trailblazing in Texas

Faisal 'RJ' Poonawala of Spring Branch Medical Supply in Houston explains how his provider business expanded into retail and shares some important lessons he learned along the way.

HME providers know retail sales are critical to their success, and some have gone so far as to transition to retail-focal or even retail-only business models. That said, there are a lot of lessons to take in along the way. Fortunately, one HME provider spared some time to join the HME Business podcast and share some of the things he’s learned on his retail journey.

In Episode 25, Faisal “RJ” Poonawala of Spring Branch Medical Supply in Houston, Texas discusses how his business made the switch to retail, the lessons he’s learned, and the initiatives he’s undertaking to not only succeed, but expand as well. Key elements he touches on include the importance of metrics, how a good point of sales system makes a world of difference, and how increased sales translate to improved care for the customer. 

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In the previous episode, James Gibbons of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare discusses how respiratory care is learning that there is a wide variety of patients that need help with clearing their upper respiratory system so that they can achieve better alveolar ventilation. He explains that nasal high-flow therapy, which began in the hospital setting, is now entering the home setting thanks to new HME innovations that are helping providers offer new care solutions and drive increased revenue in the process.

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