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Enhancing Efficiency

Software companies are increasingly focused on tools to integrate with other services to create a seamless experience for HME providers, their referral partners and their patients.

enhancing efficiencyIt’s no secret that HME providers are facing challenges from nearly all directions: managing larger volumes of patients, complying with constant changes to reimbursement policy and finding new ways to generate revenue in an industry with tight profit margins. On top of those conundrums comes the daily grind of managing all aspects of a HME business, which ranges from interacting with patients, to processing claims, to ensuring that data is securely shared with appropriate healthcare partners. Completing these tasks can cause headaches for employees as they navigate incompatible systems and miscommunications between care providers.

Addressing these inefficiencies has been a key focus for HME software companies over the past decade, but particularly in 2019. More than ever, software platforms are offering integrations with other products in an effort to create a seamless experience for equipment providers and their patients. In addition, software executives are focused on minimizing the number of times a provider has to interact with the billing and claims process, helping HME employees shift their focus to more complex questions of patient care and compliance.

To help providers stay up to date on the latest developments, we surveyed companies representing all aspects of the HME/DME software market for our annual software update. This year, we had participation from companies in the following categories:

  • HME Management Systems
  • Billing/Claims
  • Document Imaging/Management
  • E-Prescription
  • E-Commerce/Digital Marketing

Read on to learn about how software systems are evolving to make HME business processes more user-friendly and efficient for customers.


Systems like these offer a wide range of features ranging from billing and claims processing to operational efficiencies and inventory management. The broad-based software allows providers to manage most parts of their business in a single platform, with a particular focus on patient services.

BFLOW Python
BFLOW PythonBFLOW Solutions Inc.
(844) 688-4450

Years company has been in business: 7
Number of installed systems: 300
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? API connectivity is available on BFLOW’s software.
Recent developments: In today’s world of complex DME billing, BFLOW seeks to offer software that is easy, precise and streamlined. BFLOW’s “Python” offers efficiency and eliminates unintentional mistakes from occurring that are detrimental to cash flow. BFLOW “Python” is a brand new, built from the ground up solution based on best practices and years of experience. The product offers cloudbased software that utilizes AI to help you make the right decisions when faced with complex billing requirements. Streamlined workflow makes it easier for HME/DME providers to keep up with expired authorizations and manage rentals and refills.

Brightree Business Management Solution
Brightree by ResMedBrightree
(888) 598-7797

Years company has been in business: 17
Number of installed systems: 2,200
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? Brightree’s software is programmed in C# and SQL.
Recent developments: Brightree has revamped its business management solution this year with a new, modern home page and features including easy-to-use Menus, a Search function, a Favorites section and push notifications connected to Brightree’s Patient Hub app. Together, these features have contributed to more modern, intuitive and streamlined navigation that ultimately improves workflows and makes it even easier for HMEs to run efficient businesses. The menu re-design incorporates all reports and system set-up in one central location, while the Search function allows users to easily locate the pages they’re looking for with a single click. The new Favorites page allows users or administrators to setup commonly viewed or accessed pages to a single screen that is always accessible. New push notifications send information straight to individuals from the Patient Hub app so users can immediately see the tasks required of them. Brightree has also added an integration with Quality Biomedical’s Q-Connect Equipment Management System to streamline equipment maintenance and repair workflows for greater productivity savings. Customers also have expanded access to enter and manage their organization’s support cases in the case portal.


Years company has been in business: 39
Number of installed systems: Over 100 on CareTend. 1,000 combined with all other platforms (CPR+, Fastrack, HC360, Mestamed and Caretinuum).
Type of system: A stand-alone, fully featured back-office application that supports all HME provider operations. Offered as a cloud-based system or can be installed on-site.
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? CareTend uses a .Net technology platform and Microsoft SQL database back end with web-based components for mobile workflows.
Recent developments: In addition to CareTend’s business intelligence and custom reporting tools, CareTend has evolved its inventory features to deliver new mobile functionality for use on any type of device — including tablets, smartphones, and/or laptops. Now the application is accessible to users where, when, and how they need it, which is especially important for in-warehouse operations support. CareTend now has updated barcode features, enabled with Bluetooth wedge scanners, to simplify functions — including physical inventory counts, purchasing and receiving, and inventory transfers between warehouse locations. The solution delivers users new automations, built specifically HME providers in point-of-sale and reimbursement roles. CareTend also supports enhanced features for Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) management and other critical documentation.

CMB SolutionsCMB Solutions, Inc.
(888) 959-6785

Years company has been in business: 8
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? ePatientLink uses SQL Server 2016.
Recent developments: CMB Solutions’ patient engagement solution allows providers to increase revenue by being proactive with contacting patients for resupply and streamlining integration with billing and patient management software, device manufacturers and more. The company recently upgraded ePatientLink to take credit card payments as well as conduct insurance eligibility checks and telehealth monitoring.

Universal Software SolutionsUniversal Software Solutions, Inc.
(810) 653-5000

Years company has been in business: 19
Number of installed systems: 850+
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site and a hosted, web-based/SAAS system.
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? HDMS uses a SQL database.
Recent developments: HDMS continues to evolve, now featuring an enhanced Patient WorkSpace which allows users to access all necessary patient history, demographics, claims, and equipment history on one screen. The HDMS Ad Hoc Report Builder allows users to leverage their database to build shareable custom reports. The HDMS Pharmacy companion allows home infusion and pharmacy providers to do test adjudication of NCPDP claims without entering new account demographics into the system. IHDMS offers the same product and experience for clients whether they opt for the on-site standalone installation or the SAAS, hosted solution. HDMS can integrate with any content management/imaging solution, like StowPoint and also offers real-time and batch eligibility. Providers using HDMS have total control over EDI Processing, and can connect to all popular EDI Hosts/Gateways including Waystar, Ability, Capario, and payer direct. HDMS Mobile Driver allows clients to continue their paperless process out onto the road and features a full inventory system that is a standard part of the software, allowing for a barcoded retail environment to operate in addition to home delivery or dropship services.

Bonafide Management Systems the #1 ERP for DMEBonafide Medical Group
(805) 777-7666

Years company has been in business: 35+
Number of installed systems: N/A
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? Bonafide’s MedEQ is hosted at AWS (Amazon Web Services) and runs on Linux. The company’s database of choice is PostgreSQL for storing relational data and Elasticsearch for a full-text search engine. The backend components are all written in Java. Bonafide says it picked Java because of its vast ecosystem of libraries, tools, and frameworks. The frontend GUI of Bonafide is written in React. In addition, Bonafide says its technology stack is “lean and pragmatic with a focus on keeping the stack nimble and maintainable.”
Recent developments: Bonafide follows Agile development practices and deploys regular updates to its platform every two weeks. Some of its most recent updates to the platform include a new user interface using React. This change can be seen in Bonafide’s Facility Portal Patient Portal, and Bac-Track interfaces. Live Asset Tracking has been added to allow the provider to track equipment in real-time via IoT technology. The company’s updated patient portal has a centric view for patients to pay bills, view delivery notes and compliance forms. Third-party integration has been added with AR Allegiance CollectPlus, Snapworx, PlaymakerCRM, Respironics, AcuServe and Prochant. The software now has automated payment posting for electronic remittance, minimizing the number of touches during payment posting procedure. Lastly, Bonafide now supports the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier throughout the process, and a new approval process has been added for the purchasing workflow.

Noble*Direct v11
Noble HouseNoble House
(954) 418-0828

Years company has been in business: 30 years and counting
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on site.
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? Noble*direct uses Microsoft SQL.
Recent developments: Noble House is currently going through a major rebranding. We just launched a new website and have several new features that have been added to Noble*Direct v11. We now have same or similar, Noble*Trax, interface to drop shippers, and e prescribing and point of sale is in the works.

(866) 548-9190

Years company has been in business: 42
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site, a hosted, web-based/SAAS
system and a hosted system, but uses special client software.
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? SystemOne uses Visual Basic and a proprietary database environment.
Recent developments: QS/1’s SystemOne helps HME/DME businesses and pharmacies remain relevant and successful. SystemOne’s modular design lets users select only the functionality they need and add as the business demands. Choose it for processing orders, billing Medicare, Medicaid, and third-parties, compliant documentation, managing inventory, and the ability to integrate with pharmacy, point-ofsale, and IVR. QS/1 serves customers with nationwide hardware maintenance, 24/7 customer service, regulatory updates, and ongoing product enhancements. QS/1 is
part of Smith Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of the J M Smith Corporation.

Team DMETeamDME!
(888) 832-6363

Years company has been in business: 32
Number of installed systems: 530
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on site, a hosted, web-based/SAAS system and a hosted system, but uses special client software.
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? TeamDME XL! uses Borland Delphi as its programming language and Firebird SQL as its database environment.
Recent developments: TeamDME! XL has added simplified customer statements that allow providers to choose the amount of data and fields that they print on statements. Providers can create summary invoice that limit the detail or include all the details for a claim and allow the customer to pay their bill online. The company has also added customizable fields in all sections of TeamDME! XL and the ability to create custom shipping labels. In addition, TeamDME! has an integrated solution with CMB Solutions offering a turn-key solution for patient engagement for all HME product lines, compliance, replenishment, reminders, adherence, and readmission risk management.

TIMS Software
TIMS Software Computers UnlimitedComputers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500

Years company has been in business: 41
Type of system: A stand-alone system that can be hosted/cloud-based or traditional on-site
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? TIMS Software uses .NET and SQL.
Recent developments: TIMS Software provides comprehensive business management software for HME/DME providers, with cloud-hosted or traditional on-site options. As part of a single ERP solution, TIMS Software also includes rules-based and revenue-qualifying patient intake, workflow, document management, collections worklists, ePurchasing, eDrop shipping, asset tracking, inventory management, mobile delivery, business intelligence, and more. All TIMS Software modules work together as part of one integrated system for optimal compatibility. That means data from your entire revenue cycle will be seamlessly updated in real time. With TIMS Software’s robust business intelligence and financial tools, your data is accessible to you whenever and however you need it—no additional fees or hoops to jump through. We’re also a customizable solution, designed to fit your specific business needs.


These are systems that help providers maximize collection of patient payments and streamline services such as insurance billing and cash posting.

Connect Portal
(888) 349-9015

Years company has been in business: 20
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system.
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? Prochant software uses a SQL database hosted in Azure and .Net programming language.
Recent developments: Connect Portal is a hosted, web-based/SAAS system from Prochant. The system features new architecture and is hosted on the Azure platform. These features provide the highest possible levels of security and reliability, and put us in the most modern platform that is ready for Microsoft’s machine learning algorithms. The portal is offered as part of the company’s Full Serving Billing package of services, which allow providers to replace their back-office processes and hand off insurance billing, collections and cash posting.


Documentation programs have become increasingly important to HME providers as CMS continues to expand its Medicare claims auditing. These systems allow clients to efficiently digitize and manage their claims documentation.

Medforce Process and Document Management Solutions
MedforceMedforce Technologies Inc.
(845) 426-0459

Years company has been in business: 17
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system and a stand-alone system installed on-site.
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? Medforce software uses Microsoft SQL or Firebird Databases. Delphi, C#, Jscript, FrameworksM, Jquery and Bootstrap are used for client and web front end.
Recent developments: Medforce’s product offers range from Content Center, a document management system, to RemitCenter, denial management that improves the bottom line for providers. Its most recent product offering is SignCenter, a HIPAAcompliant, web-based electronic signature and data capture tool built specifically for healthcare. SignCenter addresses the industry’s unique security and complex information capture needs, and was built to seamlessly integrate with current business applications. It can also stand alone or integrate with third party systems.


E-prescription services allow physicians and other medical practictioners to secure send prescriptions and other patient information to other healthcare providers, including HME providers. The delivery systems can operate as a stand-alone service or integrate into other medical record systems.
DMEevalumate.comA/R Retrieval
(800) 986-9368

Years company has been in business: 13
Number of installed systems: 10,000s
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Recent developments: For almost a decade, has been used by physicians and other practitioners during face-to-face evaluations to produce Medicare compliant Orders and Face to Face narratives. is an algorithmic program that compares a physician’s answers during a face-to-face evaluation to Medicare’s coverage criteria. The program identifies what DME equipment, if any, a patient qualifies for, and generates accurate paperwork documenting medical necessity in the format Medicare requires. Physicians can perform evaluations for power mobility, respiratory, manual wheelchairs, hospital beds, support surfaces, commodes, walkers, canes, etc. The Prior Authorization Demonstration Project and Audits have made it critical for DME companies to receive the correct paperwork from physicians. has bridged the gap between the two entities and has a 99 percent Prior Authorization success rate for PMDs.

(800) 986-9368

Years company has been in business: 7
Number of installed systems: Hundreds
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? DMEhub uses HIPAA-secure Amazon AWS cloud based technologies/ LNMP as well as Apple iOS/Swift and Android/Java.
Recent developments: The intuitive e-prescribe platform automates the equipment ordering process, saving time for hospitals, prescribers and suppliers. Native mobile applications enable Prescribers to review and sign order on Apple iOS devices and Android devices. DME suppliers can now create and send orders to be completed for clinical data and corrections to a healthcare provider. There is also deep integration within Epic HER.


Digital marketing services are becoming an increasingly crucial focus area for HME providers looking to grow their retail sales, particularly with stiff competition from online retailers. These systems make it easier for clients to bring their products to a wider market through digital campaigns and websites tailored to customer needs.

Fully Managed Webstore
Health MobiusHealth Mobius LLC
(855) 640-9500

Years company has been in business: 10
Number of installed systems: 400
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? Fully Managed Webstore uses a proprietary program.
Recent developments: Health Mobius’ latest software allows providers to better compete with online retailers in direct-to-consumer retail sales by easily connecting HME, DME and Pharmacy customers to a virtual warehouse of over 40,000 SKU’s from over 300 manufacturers. Health Mobius Webstore software connects to an existing website to allow clients to sell thousands of cash sale items not stocked in a company store, but are needed or requested by patients. The fully managed system has no set up fees and costs $99 per month. Providers select the brands and products you want to offer to customers. Health Mobius provides the setup, hosting, product catalog management, and customer service with live chat. In addition, the company provides the back office and financial reporting to submit PO and pay vendor invoices as well as sales tax reporting.


These systems allow providers to acquire data from medical devices and use it to inform treatment decisions for their patients. Patient management platforms usually include audit systems to ensure that providers are meeting compliance standards.

SNAPSnapworx LLC
(615) 619-0800

Years company has been in business: 3
Number of installed systems: 22
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system.
What software programming languages and database environments does the software use? Snapworx is written in standard Microsoft language and hosted on Amazon.
Recent developments: Snapworx says it is the only CPAP Resupply Software that can take an order from booked to shipped without the touch of a human. Through its proprietary AI software, SNAP drives resupply programs behind the scenes so providers can more time with patients. Recent developments include the implementation of e-orders through text message, email and phone app. Another development is a new Easy-Fill feature, which allows agents to know all items and quantity the patient is eligible for with one click of a button. This is a key reasons why SNAP has an average increase of 53 percent revenue per patient annually across all clients.

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