Your Action Plan for the Dec. 20 HME Advocacy Push

Providers have until Dec. 20 to gain co-sponsors for industry legislation that could get attached to a year-end spending bill. What do they need to do?

The industry is working on attaching language from some key industry bills to a spending bill that must pass before Dec. 20. However, the effort needs help from providers to make it happen and the latest edition of the HME Business Podcast how you can help in short order.

In episode 21, Tom Ryan, the president and CEO of the American Association for Homecare, discusses the key bills in play and how HMEs can reach out to lawmakers to secure desperately needed co-sponsors. Those co-sponsors will help the industry's champions on key committees of jurisdiction demonstrate the bills have the political support that merits them being attached to the spending package. This is a key opportunity for providers to lobby on behalf of their businesses, and Ryan outlines how they can help.

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In the previous episode, Wayne Slavitt, founder and CEO of Mobül: The Mobility Store, discusses why providers need to create a compelling combination of service-oriented sales; how providing a product mix that appeals to all walks of consumers ensures sales; and the importance of fostering a store culture and sales approach that emphasizes interaction and compassion. For a guy who entered the HME market completely fresh, Slavitt's out-of-the-box approach has helped define how providers should approach retail HME.

The HMEB Podcast examines essential news, trends and developments, and interviews industry experts to find out how HME provider owners and operators can run efficient, profitable and growing businesses with an eye on patient care.

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David Kopf is the Publisher and Executive Editor of HME Business and DME Pharmacy magazines. Follow him on Twitter at @postacutenews.


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